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Pivoting heel counter

€ 117,95
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  • Use: (top) sports and recreation
  • Pivoting heel counter
  • Does not retain mud, dirt and therefore weight
"Like all hoof shoes that we offer, we have already made many miles with the Renegade classics. Renegades are one of the best sports shoes available on the market. There are no real differences between the Classic and the last type of Viper. the fit really matters, so the Classics are a bit wider at the back compared to the Vipers."

Renegade hoof shoes are developed and suitable for top sports performance!
The shoe was developed based on the bio-mechanism of the hoof. Due to the unique moving heel cap technology, sanding and / or pressing is excluded with the correct size and use.
The moving heel cap (captivator) which fits around the hoof balls is provided with a soft neoprene cushion.
Because the entire shoe is made of high-quality plastic, it cannot weigh down by absorbing or retaining moisture or mud. In addition, the back is open so that water just flows out again.

Cleaning is therefore also very easy, (drying) is not necessary. It is advisable to keep the channels through which the cable runs clean for long life.
Putting on and taking off the shoe takes no strength and little time.

Included with each pair of Renegade Hoof Boots:
  • Usage Instruction
  • 1x hex key
  • Spare parts:
  • 2x tension strap with elastic bands
  • 6x rubber bands

The plastic hoof shell does have a restriction for horses with unnatural hoof shapes or flares. In addition, this shoe is developed from the principles of "natural trimming" and therefore not or less suitable for horses with high heels.

Inventing, developing the Renegade took more than 3 years and 20,000 man hours. And many hours of testing horses, riders in the rugged Arizona nature.

If the horse has very sensitive hooves, the damping pad of Equine Fusion can be used. This is easy to cut to size. See last photo. (Order size 16 and we will provide the appropriate size)

The shoe (length cables) sometimes have to be made to measure before the first use.
The instruction videos are very clear for both the correct measurement of the size and tailoring.

Our starting point is to have all sizes in stock, available within 24 to 48 hours, but unfortunately this is not possible in all colors.

Colors Orange, Red, brown Delivery time approx. 10 days.
Size chart Renegade Classic
Size   Width   Lenght
00   100 - 107 mm   120 - 124 mm
00-K   100 - 107 mm   110 - 114 mm
0   107 - 115 mm   120 - 124 mm
0-K   107 - 115 mm   110 - 114 mm
1   116 - 120 mm   127 - 131 mm
1-K   116 - 120 mm   117 - 121 mm
2   121 - 126 mm   133 - 137 mm
2-K   121 - 126 mm   123 - 127 mm
2w   127 - 132 mm   133 - 137 mm
2w-K   127 - 132 mm   123 - 127 mm
2ww   133 - 139 mm   133 - 137 mm
2ww-K   133 - 139 mm   123 - 127 mm
4ww   145 - 151 mm   145 - 149 mm
4ww-K   145 - 151 mm   135 - 139 mm


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Erik - 03-02-2016 07:29

Gewoon geweldige schoenen! Heb ze al jaren voor beide paarden. Levering bij jullie echt de volgende dag is ook perfect!

Marc - 08-11-2015 09:01

Bedankt voor de tip dat de classic's misschien wel eens beter zouden kunnen passen bij grotere maten, het is inderdaad zoals u aangaf - Viper was inderdaad aan de achterzijde te smal wat bleek uit de fitkit.
Ondertussen zijn we een paar weken verder en ontzettend blij met de schoenen - vele ritten gemaakt door het Amsterdamse bos met groot plezier en zonder omkijken.

Tara - 08-11-2015 08:55

De renegade hoefschoenen zijn gewoon top! Tara moest er helemaal niet aan wennen. We hebben ze gedoopt tot "turboschoentjes" omdat ze nu weer kan racen over grindwegen. Super happy!

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