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Choose and fit hoofboots for horses

Fitting hoofboots can be done in two different ways:


1. By yourself:

  • Measure the hoof yourself according to the detailed explanation and youtube videos you can find with the size charts.
  • Order a fitkit of your desired hoofboots to fit and compare them in the comfort of your own stable; you pay a deposit and handling fee.
  • Use test-/rental boots, to test the hoofboots of your choice in practice before you decide to buy them; you pay a deposit and rental (€ 15 per week per pair of hootboots). 

2. Fitting consultation at home or at your barn / stable

A number of independent and selfemployeed trimmers / farriers offer a hoofboot fitting consult at your home or barn. A fitting consult helps you to make the right choice selecting the right hoofboot, size and fits for the purpose you intend to use the hoofboots. Please read this text about what to aspect of this fitting consult. 

HoofBoot Fitters per region in Belgium & The Netherlands, available for a hoofboot fitting consult at your home or barn:

  • If you prefer an in-person hoofboot fitting consult, you can reach out to a professional hoofboot fitter. We made an organized list per region for you, including information how to reach out directly to them. Beside these professionals, there a numerous trimmers / farriers that provide a fitting consult to only their own customers; ask your trimmer / farrier about the possibilities. 
  • The cost for a hoofboot fitting consult are somewhere between € 65 - € 75 per horse (travel expenses not included). A hoofboot fitting consult will take about 1 - 1,5 hour per horse. 
  • How to let magic happen during a hoofboot fitting consult? 
    • Speak freely with the hoofboot fitter about the kind of hoofboots which you might find interesting and inform the hoofboot fitter about the way you'll going to use the hoofboots (short / long distances, jumping, eventing, rides through the country, mud, artritis, laminitic, prevents wearing and so on). Gave as much information as you can about sizing (a bit or less is okay), and other information about the date of the last trim, frequency of trimming, and if your horse makes special movements like high knee-action, catching hooves, pigged-toe and so on. 
    • At the day of the fitting consult you should take care of:
      • a clean flat working surface
      • recently trimmed horse that is well behaving and wears no iron shoes
      • the hooves should be clean and dry
  • Notice: Almost every hoofboot is made for a more natural trimmed hoof; high heeled hooves are not so common. 
Are you a professional trimmer or farrier, and would you be interested in hoofboot consultation for your own customers or others? Please reach out to us (mail).



The best time to contact us by phone is from Monday to Thursday between 9.30 and 13.00.
Orders placed before 12:00 will be shipped the same day.

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