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After years of development, the hoof shoe is a fully-fledged protector of the horse's hoof for almost all disciplines.

Why hoof boots:
  • Provide protection against excessive wear of the horse's hoof
  • Protect the sole against bruises and pebbles.
  • In addition, a hoof shoe does not limit the hoof mechanism
  • No damage and weakening of the hoof wall by nails.
  • Hoof boots provide better grip in general, no slipping or slipping and can be ridden in snow and slippery conditions.
  • Are only used when driving if necessary. The rest of the time the horse is on its hooves.
  • This has the economic advantage that the shoes do not wear unnecessarily and the hooves are hindered as little as possible by unnatural materials.
  • You can read the 10 reasons why no horseshoes here on the page.
The number of brands, sizes, shapes and material types means that there is a suitable shoe for almost every hoof and discipline. You can find our experiences with different shoes in our blog Experiences.

Why hoof boots? In this photo you can see my beautiful surroundings, almost car-free, however, these forest paths are paved by debris impact and there is a great chance of sole bruises (bleinen) in addition to walking on eggs on such paths, which in combination with the number of kilometers we make also paving / asphalt we cannot do without hoof protection.

EquiSchoen made a conscious choice for a number of brands / shoes. With all the shoes offered by us, we have our own mileage experience with different horses. We are convinced that this is the top currently available on the market, designers and producers who continue to innovate with respect for the horse's hoof and user friendliness.

Except for a few types, we have all hoof boots in stock in all sizes (unfortunately, in all colors it does not work) so that you have your order within 24-48 hours. EquiSchoen is happy to help you make the right choice. If this choice has already been made, you can count on fast delivery!


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