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Perfect HoofWear (PHW)

Perfect HoofWear (PHW) is a 100% polyester tape, impregnated with a unique water-activated polyurethane resin that remains flexible after curing and thus does not interfere with the hoof function. No expensive glue is needed, and the wraps are applied without generating excessive heat. PHW is resistant to water and mud. After application, PHW remains effective for 4 to 5 weeks before it is 'worn out'. PHW is particularly effective for the transition from iron to ironless hooves, so that the hoof can recover in its function (and perhaps shape) without restriction before switching to another form of hoof protection – or no hoof protection when this is possible, of course. PHW was developed in the USA by the team of KC La Pierre (IAEP, Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry, USA).


€ 19,95
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€ 99,95
per unit
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per set 24 pieces
€ 29,95
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€ 49,95
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