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There are many causes why a horse can become laminitis and we receive many questions about this, also because the vet, farrier or hoof trimmer refers to us. It is important to get the laminitis horse back on its feet quickly (pain-free). No or too little exercise does not contribute to recovery and lying down too much also creates other dangers such as colic.

Important when choosing hoofboots in this situation is the support of the hoof, the ease and speed of putting on, options for inserting extra cushioning pads and the ability to wear them 24/7 if necessary.

1. Place a cushion on the ground and let the horse stand on it. This allows the horse to experience some comfort so that it can transfer its full weight to one leg and lift the other hoof to put on the hoofboot.
2. Space for a thick pad (sole), bandages and so on. A thick ComfortPad Easycare 12 mm / Cushion Pad Cavallo 10 mm can be placed in the boot with possibly a moon-shaped cutout at the height where the P3 (hoofbone) presses on the sole; this avoids pressure. Shetlanders weigh slightly less, and they can therefore use a slightly thinner pad.
3. A shoe with a very cushioning sole, or a shoe with a more stiff sole, such as Cavallo... Why a stiff sole, with a pad inserted for cushioning? The stiff sole ensures that the surface always feels even to the horse, thus preventing pain caused by bumps. The Cavallos are not closed at the top, so that the hoof can breathe. Drainage slots in these shoes ensure that water and sand can drain out of the shoe. Rock solid and strong! No materials where moisture can accumulate and heat build up. And price-wise very favorable. Horse fit again? Then you also have excellent hoofboots for riding (medical hoofboots are not suitable for riding). How to measure the hoof for the correct shoe size, see page: MEASURING THE HOOF

We always ensure that we have more than enough Cavallos and pads in stock. These can be picked up after consultation or can be ordered, so that you receive them the next day in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Other options:
For hooves where the hoof wall or sole is really (severely) damaged, or when medical bandages are required, the RX hoofboots from EasyBoot are a great solution. These protect well against dirt, are soft and pliable in the construction of the shoe, and have a strong and high sole. The RX has a thin pad of approximately 4mm; If you want a thicker pad, a large size / size larger is recommended. This is not a shoe for riding.

Equine Fusion is very friendly for horses that lie down a lot; the edges and the entire shoe are very soft and the sole is very cushioning. The aim is for your horse to get back up quickly. If your horse has no or much less pain when standing, it will stand more often and even move a little more. We find them less suitable for longer periods outside in a paddock or in the field because they are relatively closed (accumulation of moisture and dirt). The Trekking model is the most breathable, then Ultra, and then Active Jogging, but unfortunately the Ultra is not produced in the smallest sizes. This is a shoe that, like Cavallo, can later be used for riding.

Mild laminitic horses often get along well with an open shoe such as FlexHorseBoots and a pad. These are often the horses that remain somewhat sensitive after an attack of laminitis.




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€ 107,50 € 91,25
per piece

Also suitable for horses with relatively narrow hooves. Read more

€ 222,50
per pair

Therapy Boot Lightweight Really soft Read more

€ 94,95

Therapy Boot Lightweight Really soft Read more

€ 107,45
€ 98,75
per unit
Floating Boot Mini
€ 136,00
per pair
€ 197,50
per pair

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€ 148,75
per piece

Thick sturdy sole that offers good protection against a surface with stones,... Read more

€ 120,75
per piece
€ 120,75
per piece
€ 107,50
per piece


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