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EquiSchoen: Who are we?

EquiSchoen Hoofboots for Horses has consciously chosen brands and producers in its range that continue to innovate with respect for the horse. EquiSchoen is happy to help you make the right choice. If your choice has already been made, you can count on fast delivery!

EquiSchoen (2014) was founded by Ellen at the time, and later continued by Sonja, after which Marjanka made her appearance. Of course with the support of the gentlemen behind these ladies for the more technical part. EquiSchoen has roots in Belgium and the Netherlands. In the beginning there was a website for the Netherlands and Belgium separately; later this became a combined website in three languages (Dutch, French and English). The stock also moved from the Netherlands to Belgium and back again.

Everything at EquiSchoen is motivated by our own experiences and preferences. We want to approach customers as we would like to be approached ourselves. We want the best for our horses, and when we have a question about something, we also want to receive honest advice or solution.  Integrity and the well-being of the horse are our main interest.

That is also one of the reasons why we can buy all hoofboots, but do not want to sell everything.  All hoofboots are tested by us - and by the main boat fitters who use our service. What are our experiences with regard to the fit, donning, longevity, comfort for the horse, way of cleaning, etc. This means that some hoofboots do not meet our expectations, or that we slightly adjust the description (and / or size chart) of the manufacturer. We are critical. Sometimes special hoofboots are superb, but there are alternatives that are just as good but more widely applicable, as can be the case with specific rehabilitation hoofboots. We think ahead: A hoofboot that is only suitable for rehabilitation, and that may need to be replaced in three months for a recreational or sports hoofboot ......... That is commercially beautiful, but we do not think that is correct towards the customer; a hoofboot that is suitable for rehabilitation as well as for recreation or sports is our preference. This is a well-considered decision, based on broad experiences in practice of several professionals. When a special request comes for a specific hoofboot that is not included as standard in our range, we can order it for you.

Incidentally, Marjanka Lever is a Certified HoofCare Practioner and Fieldinstructor around hoofcare (USA). Her knowledge of hooves and hoofcare is very valuable in more complex situations. EquiSchoen organizes various workshops about hoofboots in the winter, as well as an educational day with theory and practice around hoofboots for  the Barefoot Horse-Advisor (BPA, BE & NL) training of the foundation of the same name. EquiSchoen is a trade name of RebelHoofcare VOF.

A small collage of the team of EquiSchoen over the years:



The best time to contact us by phone is from Monday to Thursday between 9.30 and 13.00.
Orders placed before 12:00 will be shipped the same day.

BE +32 456 61 51 53 
NL +31 6 1894 5079 also WhatsApp

Venneweg 16

BTW / VAT nr: NL864759976B01


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