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Choose and fit hoof boots

Fitting hoof boots can be done in different ways:
  • Measure the hoof yourself according to the detailed explanation and youtube videos you can find with the size charts
  • Order a fitkit of your desired boot
  • Renting (test) boots
Fitting consultation at home 
(Only available in Belgium and the Netherlands!)
A number of independent professional hoof trimmers / blacksmiths offer a hoof boot fitting consultation at home.
A fitting consultation will help you choose the right boot for your horse's hoof, size and intended use.
You can contact one of the trimmers below.

Horsecare DL - Daisy Lambert 
Field: Kempen, Limburg, Vlaams-Brabant en regio Breda -Tilburg. Other regions in consultation.
Brands: Scoot Boots, Flex Hoof Boots, Floating Boots, Renegade, Equine Fusion, Cavallo
Phone: +32 498661240 (preferably Whatsapp, text and messenger)

An Gybels
Field: 30 km around Sint-Niklaas.
Merken: Floating Boots, Renegades, Scoot Boots, Explora, Flex Horse Boots, Equine Fusions 
Phone: + 32 498 70 55 83

Lizanne Curvers
Field: Wide area around Venlo (Netherlands): Limburg, Noord- Brabant till Oss, south of Gelderland
Brands: Scoot Boots, Cavallo, Renegades en Flex Hoof Boots
Phone and whatsapp: +31 6 83275227

Barbara Hoekstra
Field: region Antwerpen - Turnhout - Breda - Bergen op Zoom
Brands: Scoot Boots, other brands upon request
Tel: +32 485 31 00 88 (also Whatsapp)

Field: Province Antwerpen, Noord-Brabant (western part till Eindhoven and Tilburg) and Zeeland (except Zeeuws-Vlaanderen).
Brands: Floating Boots, Renegade, Explora, Equine Fusion, Scoot Boots, Flex Hoof Boots, Cavallo

Phone: +32 474 45 01 46 (whatsapp, messenger, sms)

De Hoef Hulp - Silke Klein Holkenborg
Region: 10 km around Warnsveld
Fitkits from Scoot Boots, Renegade Vipers en Flex Horse Boots

Phone: +31 644623198

whatsapp, signal of email

Mariska Stenzler
Region: Noord-Holland, Utrecht and Veluwe, other areas possible with a minimum of 3 consultations.
Brands: Cavallo, Scoot Boots, Flex Horse Boots, Equine Fusion en Explora.

Phone: +31 626442078

Cavallo Libero - Roosmarijn van Gentevoort

Region: Zeeland and a small radius around it (f.e. Zuid- Holland), outside this region in consultation.
Brands: Flex Hoof Boots, Scoot Boots, other brands on request.
Phone: +31 653656515

If you would like a consultation, you can contact one of these trimmers directly. In addition, there are trimmers who are not mentioned in this list and who only measure and adjust hoof boots for their own customers, ask your current trimmer.
The price of a consultation is determined by trimmers themselves, but is approximately € 60 for one horse, second horse at the same address € 30. A consultation takes about 1 - 1.5 hours per horse, but usually longer.

What should you take care of during this consultation?
  • dry and clean hooves and socks
  • must give good feet
  • must have been recently trimmed
  • have no horseshoes underneath
  • clean surface
Discuss in advance what your interests are like brand, type and use (short or long distance? Asphalt/ tarmac? Rough terrain? Hoof problems?).  And the approximate width of the hoof and all relevant information.

Note: almost all boots are based on a natural trimmed hoof. In other words: less high heels.

Would you like to do fit consultations yourself?
Contact us if you are you a professional trimmer with interest in carrying out fitting consultations in Belgium and the Netherlands (mail).





The best time to contact us by phone is from Monday to Thursday between 9.30 and 13.00.
Orders placed before 12:00 will be shipped the same day.

BE +32 456 61 51 53 
NL +31 6 1894 5079 also WhatsApp

Venneweg 16

BTW / VAT nr: NL864759976B01


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